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A brand new magical adventure from the author of Dragonterra, Louise Flanagan. When ten year old Sean discovers a leprechaun called Erin in his garden, he embarks on an adventure to the magical land of Dormica to help her retrieve her lost gold coins. Together, they face challenges set by the dream beasts; the Pegasus, the Kelpies, the Mermaids, the Will-o’-the-wisps, the Griffins, the Trolls and the Phoenix.

Sean and Erin can morph into Irish animals, harnessing their skills to help them during the quest. Will the abilities of native species including swans, foxes, squirrels and frogs be any match for the dream beasts?

This book is over 30,000 words long and divided into 37 chapters. There are plenty of beautiful illustrations throughout to keep young readers engaged.

Dream Beast

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