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'To say we are excited for the release of this book is a massive understatement' Closer

'Fun, practical and friendly - like Solomon herself' Guardian

'This book is for you to use as a guide, as inspiration, or even just to read without any pressure to do anything at all! Grab a cuppa and dip in and out of it at leisure. I want you to know that you really do have the skill to do anything you want - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Having your own home is something we all dream about. I hope this book will give you the confidence to pick up a drill, paint brush, hammer or a hack saw and make your space the home of your dreams.' Stace xx

Discover Stacey's Tap to Tidy DIY Method - with steps on how to get started. Each chapter takes readers round a room in Stacey's dream home, and how she transformed each room herself.

Each chapter includes:

* Hero projects: Big renovation or organisational projects
* Quick fixes: Small jobs to spruce up a room
* Make-ups: My transformative craft projects and accessories
* Little things I love: Power tools, amazing DIY products, my favourite accessories...
* Tips: Stacey's tips to make your projects run smoothly
* Expert help: tips on when you need to call in the experts

Tap to Tidy Stacey Solomon

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