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Donegal has a wide variety of interesting and unique pubs. This print captures this, each pub is illustrated in a hand drawn style, keeping the detail and character of each individual pub. This framed print would stand out in any home and take you back to the memories of going for a session in Donegal. It has some the most iconic pubs that Donegal has to offer, such as the Singing Pub in dowings, Dicey Reillys and 50 more. 

This print range is a limited edition of 250,

It is printed on hight quality 250g paper  

Because pubs change, close and new ones open up this print captures a period in time that in years to come with give a unique incite to the character verity that the people had in 2021 and shows what pubs where able to stand the test of time.

Donegal Pubs 40x30 Framed

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